helping individuals and couples:

increase awareness

reconnect to the authentic self - mind, body, and spirit

release & experience freedom from recent and past traumas, conditioned beliefs, and difficult life experiences

improve relationships with self and others

find greater joy & meaning in life





Thank you for stopping by! Taking the first step in seeking support through therapy and/or assessment is a significant, courageous step, and reflects advocating for yourself, your wellbeing, and the relationships that matter to you. I hold the belief that, within each of us, there exists an intuitive wisdom, from which we can discover a sense of personal power. Life's inevitable ups and downs often make it difficult to see or connect to this source, leaving us feeling lost, or even powerless to change our circumstances. Much of the time, we actually may not be able to immediately change the situations in which we find ourselves. However, the way in which we relate to situations, people, and ourselves can be shifted. It is in these shifts in awareness and relating that magic can happen. Change can happen.

It is in the process of making such shifts that I am able to provide my help. Whether you are navigating challenging life transitions, experiencing imbalanced or overwhelming emotions, dealing with relationship difficulties, seeking self-discovery, or simply want a compassionate guide to support you on your unique journey, I can help. WAVE Psychology and Center for Wellbeing offers a holistic approach that honors your many dimensions, across mind, body, and spirit. By learning to ride the waves of your emotions, tapping into your own inner wisdom, increasing your awareness of your personal stories, feelings, and experiences, and clarifying the values that are important to you, you can re-ignite a sense of purpose and empowerment in your life. 


Suzan Ahmed, Ph.D. is the founder of WAVE Psychology and Center for Wellbeing. Dr. Ahmed is currently accepting new clients in Seattle, Washington and neighboring areas. Individual and couples psychotherapy, and psychological assessment services are available. Click here for more information about Dr. Ahmed. 

If you are ready to schedule a free phone consultation with me to discuss whether I can meet your specific needs, please click here, or call (425) 298-5330, leaving a message with some days/times that would work for you to talk further.


Just as the wave cannot exist for itself, but is ever a part of the surface of the heaving ocean, so must I never live my life for itself, but always in the experience that is going on around me.
— Albert Schweitzer

pillars of w.a.v.e.

WAVE Psychology and Center for Wellbeing is founded upon four pillars, or key components. Click below to learn more about how these elements help support your wellbeing.

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Stay tuned for an upcoming psychology and wellness blog authored by Dr. Ahmed, which provides information and resources on numerous topics, ranging from social-cultural issues to tips for cultivating wellbeing. Its broad aim is to inform and inspire, using mindfulness, humor, and authenticity.